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In the year 2078, the United States is a much different place. Due to a nuclear war in 2027, most of the world has burned to the ground. This war would have continued, but one man stood up. A Dr. Norman Granger, who fooled the world to end the war or he would destroy them all. The world agreed and in 2028 created the United World Government (later Central Earth Government [CEG]) to arrest Norman Granger, who had a son named Alan.

In the year 2045, Alan Granger utilized an abandoned NORAD base in the Rocky Mountains called "THE SANDBOX" which housed replicas of old space equipment (which was rescued from Florida and Texas after the war), it was here that he would begin some amazing accomplishments including the Intergalactic Solution, a math problem which told him every outcome to ever occur, starting with one moment: the birth of his artificial child Norman Granger Jr. in 2058. However, Alan couldn't raise Norman, as it would ruin the plan and soon released him for adoption to the Hall Family who had a daughter named Morgan Hall.

Though he was incredibly smart, education was limited after the war and smarts were seen as a useless trait, thus Norman had become generally made fun of over the years and alienated. Often being called "Nor" because of it's alien sounding characteristic. In the third grade, Norman Hall entered his first major invention into the science fair, a backpack with four titanium autonomous limbs called H.A.L. (Hydraulic Autonomous Limbs). It ended in disaster when his invention prooved to be defensive, causing the Third Grade Massacre.

Shortly after Norman Hall was deemed too dangerous for public school, private schools denied him, and home schooling became the only option. This was made difficult when his father disappeared when he was young and his mother became a recluse. This left only him and his sister. Morgan homeschooled Norman until she was 18, when she developed the fictional English Rock Band "Tone/Deaf" which is currently #1 on European Union's Top Tracks. Norman became friends with a Sanjay Balajabad when he was 14 as they were both seen as generally weird and continued to be friends until college where, due to Morgan's skills as a hacker, were both able to enter without much question.

In 2078, an alien ship lands in Hugo Gernsback University of Sciences and brings Talia with. This is where the series begins.

  1. She Came from Outer Space: An alien arrives on Earth, taking the form of a college student. Nor is the only one who knows the truth
  2. The Worst Day Since Yesterday: If Nor thought yesterday was bad, the next was even worse.
  3. The Best is Yet to Come: Nor attempts to hack into Talia's mainframe in order to copy her hard drive, but finds that the task will be more difficult than he anticipated.
  4. This Means War: Nor manages to translate Talia's stolen files, and is horrified by what he learns, and doubles his efforts to stop her.
  5. The October Incident: Motivated my Nor, Talia puts her plan to take over Earth into action, only to realize the ramifications later
  6. A Wrench in the Machine: Nor must rescue his mortal nemesis after Talia is discovered by the F.I.B.
  7. Worse than Her Bite: A dog wanders onto Talia's property and rather than destroy it, she takes it in and even fights of its previous owner.
  8. A Dish Best Served Cold: Someone has been targeting Nor and Talia, someone who holds a serious grudge against the two for ruining his life.
  9. Non Compos Mentis: Nor is institutionalized, leaving Talia to fulfill her mission unchecked. However, she soon realizes that without Nor, life sucks.
  10. Anomaly Detected: Talia's friend and superior officer comes to Earth, reeking all sorts of havoc for the young alien.
  11. Time after Time: Talia cannot come to terms with her raging emotions, and Nor finds himself questioning his own feelings about the resident alien.
  12. Family Ties: During his yearly visit to his mother's house, Nor discovers a letter left to him by his long lost father, which leads him to question all he's ever known.
  13. X marks the Spot: Following a set of strange clues left by Nor's father, Talia and Nor journey to the mysterious Camp X, and old NORAD base where the truth is revealed.
  14. The Meaning of IBLITH: It's the Gernsback University's annual Sadie Hawkin's dance, and Talia finally gets the nerve to tell Nor the truth.
  15. In Xiline we Trust: With Nor's Help, Talia begins to look into the past of her own people, and into the actions of her current leader.
  16. Trouble on the Home Front: Talia attempts to bring the knowledge she has learned before the Harmonic Concordance, but is cut off at every turn.
  17. It's the End...: Something is coming to earth, and they do NOT come in peace
  18. Of the World...: The Iluvian Armada arrives on Earth, and it's up to Talia and Nor to stop them
  19. As We Know It...: Nor must gather the scattered human forces to stop the Iluvians from controlling Earth.
  20. And I Feel Fine: It all Ends....


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I'm a huge comic book nerd as well as a major anime fan. I'm a SuperWhoLockian as well, and can pretty much quote entire episodes of all three shows from memory. I love writing fantasy, science fiction, and anything that randomly pops into my head.

For my fan fictions, go to the website below.


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